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Interested in Cosmetic Brow Training?

In the past few years, permanent makeup has taken the beauty industry by storm! The value of brows has sky rocketed and people are realizing how important brows are to their overall appearance. Whether you are interested in performing brows as a stand alone business or offering it alongside other cosmetic services, cosmetic tattoos can be a very lucrative and rewarding career!


Why Runway Brows?

Hands on Training: With so many Brow Academies being offered around the country, its hard to know which one to chose. All trainings will teach you how to tattoo brows to an extent, but it is important to find a training that will suit your needs and learning style specifically. Runway Brows offers in depth, hands on, 1-on-1 training.


Leave with Confidence: The most important thing from any training is that you are able to utilize what you learned after you leave. The problem with many courses is that all the information is being squeezed into a 2 day session so after training, many students still don't feel comfortable working on real people. The training at Runway Brows is a 4 day comprehensive training. You will learn everything you need to about cosmetic tattooing, how to manage various scenarios, and how to successfully run a cosmetic tattoo company. Most importantly, you will leave with the knowledge and confidence you need to begin working on real clients.

Versatility: Runway Brows is proud to have experience with a wide variety of brows and clientele. From old to young, oily to dry, blond to brunette, bald to bushy and every ethnicity you can imagine, you will be trained on not only the perfect brow technique, but customizing your work to suit each clients unique situation.

Continued Support: Training is only the beginning of your journey into becoming a proficient Brow Artist. You will receive ongoing support for 3 months after training has ended ($1,200 value).



In the state of Virginia, a Cosmetic Tattoo License is required to perform any permanent makeup. Runway Brows requires all students to hold a Cosmetic Tattoo License in order to attend training. Requirements may vary for out of state students.

Chose Your Training Package

Basic Ombre Training

3-Day comprehensive training for students with no previous machine shading experience or who wish to learn everything there is to know about creating Powder Brows, establishing a business, and starting a career in permanent makeup. Kit includes all the supplies and tools you need to complete 40 clients. All trainings include continuing support.

 Kit Included: $4,200

Advanced shading Mentorship

2-Day training for students who have experience with machine shading and wish to perfect their Powder Brow technique. Best for established artists who have at least 6 months+  experience. All trainings include continuing support.

Kit not included: $2,400

For more information on trainings, contact us at

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