Hi friends! Thanks for taking the time to visit! Runway Brows is located in Newport News, Virginia and services clients from Virginia Beach to Richmond and beyond! We have been performing cosmetic tattoos since 2016 and pride ourselves on the wide range of our clientele.


We are experienced in all types of skin from women to men, light to dark and young to mature. When it comes to cosmetic tattoos, it’s important to have an artist with the experience you need. We believe in complete customized work and we tailor to each client's needs!

We  specialized in brows and with 3 different techniques, we are able to customize a brow for most any client. Sparse brows, light brows, bushy brows or no brows at all, we can tailor a customized plan for you. We are also known for the amount of cover-up work we do! And while we specialize in brows, we also offer natural Eyeliner, small SMP jobs, saline removal, Keratin Lash Lifts and more.

If you would like more information about cosmetic tattoos or to see what we can do for you, click here to schedule a free consultation today!



We have had the privilege to train under some of the best artists in the industry, ensuring that the quality of our work and our technique is always at its greatest potential.


Basic Microblading (PhiAcademy, 2016)

Virginia Cosmetic Tattoo License (Miracle Nail & Beauty Academy 2017)

Phibrow Royal Artist (PhiAcademy, 2017)

Scalp Micropigmentation (Scalp Co., 2018)

Skin and Scar Rejuvenation (Casey White, 2019)

Advanced Skin Studies (Membrane Postcare, 2019)

Advanced Needle Theory (GirlzInk, 2019)

Aquarelle Lips (Elena Blinova, 2019)

Li-Ft Removal (GirlzInk, 2020)

Velvet Liner      (Courtney Stevens, 2020)

Saline Removal (Botched Ink, 2020)

Virginia Master Cosmetic Tattoo License (Miracle Nail & Beauty Academy 2020)


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Paula McPherson

Paula is the owner and artist of Runway Brows. She is a licensed Master Cosmetic Tattooist and certified Phibrows Royal Artist. She has been performing cosmetic tattoos since 2016 and trains in new services yearly. Paula is a super cool wife and fur mom to the best dog in the world! She enjoys eating seafood, drinking wine and talking about TV!

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Erica Calderwood

Erica is licensed cosmetologist and permanent makeup artist. She is the official PMU consultant and beauty service provider at Runway Brows.  She is a professional napper and eater of donuts. She has a husband and 2 children, but Paula is clearly her favorite human.

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