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Wake Up Ready

Permanent Eyeliner is a great option for clients who are looking to shave some time off their morning routine! As styles change over time, Runway Brows believes in timeless makeup.

Are you ready to book? Please read the eyeliner Guideline section prior to booking. New clients can click here to fill out a New Client intake form and book your appointment! Existing clients can schedule their appointment directly on our booking site!

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Less is More

Known as Baby Liner or Lash Enhancement, this is a thin line that spans the length of your lashes to give your eye a defined appearance without looking overdone. Best for clients who want to look polished on a day to day basis, Lash Enhancement is natural and subtle look that blend even when you aren't wearing makeup! As this eyeliner technique ages best, it is our preferred technique.

Small wings or a smokey eyeliner technique may also be possible depending on the client's skin.


Just Wing It

Since consultations are not required for Eyeliner appointments, please make sure to read these guidelines prior to booking this service!


  • Lash extensions must be removed before prior to appointment (Ideally at least 1 week)

  • Use of lash serums should be discontinued 4 weeks prior to appointment

  • Clients with very veiny eyelids or hooded eyelids are not good candidates and run a higher risk for negative side effects. Please send a photo of eyes prior to booking an appointment.

  • Clients with very sensitive skin who are prone to swelling run a higher risk of extreme swelling. If you have sensitive skin or are uncomfortable with your eyes being touched, this may not be the best service for you, please use sound judgement.

  • Eyes are completely numbed before beginning the procedure making it almost painless. This appointment normally takes 1.5-3 hours.

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