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Runway Brows offers a variety of brow services to suit each individuals unique style! During the consultation, we discuss your brow goals to understand your desired outcome and determine which service is best for you!

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Ombré Brows are permanent brows create by shading only. This signature look lightens towards the front at top of the brow with a very defined tail. Ombré Brows are very versatile and can be modified to create different intensities depending on clients' needs. This service is suitable for all skin and brow types, but is especially recommended for clients who are interested in a fuller look, who have oily skin, or clients with naturally coarse hair. While these brows are permanent, all permanent makeup fades over time and a color refresh will be needed every 3-5 years.

Intensity: Very Light - Dark



Microblading is the softest and most natural brow option. This signature service replicates the natural appearance of hair strokes and lasts approximately 1-1.5 years. Microblading is most suitable for clients with normal - dry skin with sparse brows and does require frequent touch ups.

Intensity: Light-Medium



Combination brows is a combination of Microblading with shading. Combination brows results in a fuller and more polished look than Microblading alone. Combination brows is a very versatile service that can be modified depending on the clients personal style. Hair strokes can be done over the entire brow with a light shading, or hair strokes can be kept in the head of the brow with shading over the body of the brow. Recommeded for clients with no hair who want a natural look.

Intensity: Medium - Dark

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